Thank you for your interest in The Love Your Community Awards, our application period will open February 1, 2021. Check back then to apply.

Starting on the 15th of each month, the community will have an opportunity to vote from a list of the qualified non-profits. One vote per person. So, once we notify you that you’re in the running for an Award, you’ll have a chance to rally your supporters and followers to cast their votes here on during a 2-week long voting period.

Each month the 10 nonprofits receiving the most votes will be awarded funding in the following amounts: (2) $5000, (2) $2500, (4) $1000, (2) $500 based on the number of votes received. Winners will be announced after voting is tabulated.

Every qualified nonprofit who applies will have an opportunity to win Award funding this year. If your organization doesn’t earn the votes for a LYC Award the first month you apply, you’ll have an opportunity to try again in the subsequent months.

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